22 dezembro 2013

d e s c u b r a
a s
s e t e
d i f e r e n ç a s :

o poema de josé manuel de vasconcelos trouxe-me a recordação desta canção dos steeleye span, um grupo de folk-rock inglês que tanto ouvi na adolescência. nos tempos difíceis da velha inglaterra a voz de maddy prior era fresca e o ritmo era vivo e pairava no ar a esperança. voltaram a gravar a canção quase quarenta anos depois e, nos tempos difíceis da nova inglaterra, a voz de maddy prior ainda permanece fresca, mas o ritmo deixou de ser vivo e paira no ar desencantado um certo desalento.

a) antes

b) agora

Come all brother tradesmen that travel along

O pray come and tell me where the trade is all gone

Long time have I travelled and I cannot find none

(R): And sing O the hard times of Old England

In Old England very hard times

Provisions you buy at the shop it is true

But if you've no money there's none there for you

So what's a poor man and his family to do


You must go to the shop and you'll ask for a job

They'll answer you there with a shake and a nod

Well that's enough to make a man turn out and rob

You will see the poor tradesmen a walking the street

From morning 'till night for employment to seek

And scarce have they got any shoes to their feet


Our soldiers and sailors have just come from war

Been fighting for Queen and country this year

Come home to be starved better stayed where they were


And now to conclude and to finish my song

Let us hope that these hard times they will not last long

I hope soon to have occasion to alter my song

And sing O the good times of Old England

In Old England jolly good times

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  1. felizmente, quando ainda a tocam nos palcos de hoje, tantos anos depois, tudo parece renovar-se :)