17 fevereiro 2013

e vou encontrar-te, encontrar-te como um poema lindo...

And I will find you
it's crowded in the club tonight
wrapped in a coat and sweater
stand beneath the broken light

and I'm gonna find you
find you like some beautiful poem
and you're gonna like it
just wait till we
get home

but you will miss me
when i have nowhere else to go
i'm standing on the outside
smoking on the patio

but i want to say this
say it so it won't go away
set like stains on my jacket
gravy from Christmas day

but i won't tell you
that love is a variable thing
like this stain on your ass that
i noticed when you walked away from me

meet me near the the toilet
meet up later on the street
your back against the stage door
my head below your feet

oh please don't you tire of me
i know that you've waited so long
we can hold one another
till the other is gone 
and i'm gonna find you
find you like some beautiful poem

2 comentários:

  1. já tinha saudades de passar por aqui e ouvir as boas escolhas do dj josé luís ;))

  2. ;) gosto imenso desta canção