25 julho 2015

[febre de sábado à noite]

I don’t want to feel all cooped up
I feel like I’m on a chain
I got my ride all souped up
We’re never coming back again
Time it don’t mean nothing
Money means even less
Don’t bring nothin baby
You’re better then all the rest
I wanna go get lost

When you wear that real tight sweater
You know I can’t resist
It’s been that way forever baby
Ever since we kissed
Roll down all the windows
Turn up Wolfman Jack
Please, please love me tender
Ain’t nothin wrong with that
Let’s go get lost
I wanna go get lost

Whatever that they told you about me
Well all of it’s true
You’re never gonna be with out me baby
I’m never gonna be without you
Top it off, fill it with high test
Think about it what cha gonna tell your boss?
And get lost
I just wanna get lost

All night long…

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