27 junho 2015

esta velha balada de bryan ferry fechava o album "manifesto", na reunião da banda no final da década de setenta. 
e continua a apetecer-me rodopiar enquanto a ouço. aliás, a apetecer rodopiar-me.

Now the ballroom´s empty
Everybody I have known
Has been and gone
With the music over
Here am I
A shadow echoing on
Spin me round…

Now there must be something
In what they say of all things
Great and small
There´s a dozen roses
Lying almost dying
To say it all
Spin me round…

A nether world dancing toy
I´m wired for sound
Does it matter to me
Who turns the key?

Now if life is for living
Then the way is clear
But I don´t understand
Why the dream has ended
Yet I can´t wake up
Lend a hand -
Spin me round…

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