04 maio 2015

yellow dog era o nome local de uma linha férrea regional do mississippi, por oposição à muito maior (e nacional) southern railways. neste azul de bessie smith (derivado de um ragtime escrito em 1913 e adaptado dois anos depois por w.c. handy) que festeja agora cem anos de idade, há muito de vaudeville e segundos sentidos. e o romance entre miss susie e o jockey lee? bem, as duas linhas não se cruzavam.

Ever since Miss Susie Johnson lost her jockey Lee
There has been much excitement and more to be
You can hear her moanin’?
Moanin’? night and morn
She's wonderin' where her easy rider's gone

Cablegrams goes off in inquiry
Telegrams goes off in sympathy
Letters came from down in Bam
Everywhere that Uncle Sam
Is the ruler of delivery

All day the phone rings, it's not for me
At last good tidings fills my heart with glee
This message came from Tennessee
Dear Sue, your easy rider struck this burg today
On a southbound rattler beside the Pullman car
I seen him there and he was on the hog
Oh, you easy rider's got to stay away
She had to vamp it but the hike ain't far
He's gone where the Southern cross the Yellow Dog

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