22 novembro 2013


Take comfort

Take comfort from this.

You have a book in your hand

not a loaded gun or a parking fine

or an invitation card to the wedding

of the one you should have married
but were too selfish. Always imagining
there would be someone better out there
but there wasn’t, and you missed the boat.
And now you’re pushing forty, what are the chances
of your finding that perfect elusive partner? Highly unlikely.
Like an empty glass on a bar-room counter, loneliness beckons.

Not an empty glass, or a bottle smashed on a bar-room counter
a photograph of the one you will always regret not marrying
not a letter from the hospital, the results devastating.
After the disaster, the dust and the screaming
a child’s arm thrust out from the rubble.
You have none of these in your hand.
A dirty syringe or a deadly scorpion

A Molotov cocktail or an overdose

not a loaded gun or a parking fine

you have a book in your hand.
Take comfort from this.

Roger McGough

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  1. …e é por beijos assim que eu adoro roger mcgough :)