28 novembro 2013

gosto de pensar que esta canção de waits sobre uma missão na 5th street da baixa de l.a., 
onde param vagabundos, sem-abrigos e outros nómadas da cidade dos anjos, 
podia ter sido escrita por steinbeck ou caldwell. também não sei se melhor.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but I always will be true
and when your Mama´s dead and gone, I'll sing this lullaby just for you
And what becomes of all the little boys who never comb their hair
They're lined up all around the block, on the nickel over there.

So better bring a bucket, there is a hole in the pail 
And if you don't get my letter, then you'll know that I'm in jail
and what becomes of all the little boys who never say their prayers
They're sleepin' like a baby, on the nickel over there.

And if you chew tobacco and wish upon a star, 
You'll find out where the scarecrows sit, just like punchlines between the cars
And I know a place where a royal flush can never beat a pair
And even Thomas Jefferson is on the nickel over there.

So ring around a rosie, you're sleepin' in the rain
And you're always late for supper
And man you let me down again I thought I heard a mockingbird
Roosevelt knows where, you can skip the line with Grady Tuck,
on the nickel over there.

So what becomes of all the little boys who run away from home
The world just keeps gettin' bigger, once you get out on your own
So here's to all the little boys
The sandman takes you where you'll be sleepin' with the pillowman
On the nickel over there.

So climb up through that buttonhole, and fall right up the stairs
And i'll show you where the short dogs grow
On the nickel over there.

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