18 novembro 2013

gostava de acreditar que um dia será reconhecida a importância da abordagem pessoalíssima de marion walter jacobs ao modo de utilizar (e tocar) a harmónica nos azuis, que aqui é bem patente, neste clássico de big bill broonzy.

I've got the key, to the highway
Feel Lord, I'm bound to go
I'm gonna leave here runnin' because
Walkin' is most too, slow

I'm goin' back to the border
Where I'm better known
Because you haven't done nothin', but drove
A good man away from home

Give me one mo' kiss, mama
Just befo' I go
'Cause when I leave this time girl, I won't
Won't be back no mo'

When the mo-oon
Peep ov'r the mountains
Honey, I'll be on my way
I'm gonna roam this highway
Until the break a-day

Well, it's so long
So long, baby
I'm 'onna say, 'Goodbye'
I'm gonna roam this highway
Until the day I die.

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