19 novembro 2012

quando me perguntam quem foi o maior escritor/cantor de azuis, 
com os seus quase dois metros de altura e cento e trinta quilos,
 a resposta só pode ser uma, william james dixon...

man, slow down.
we'll get there, take your time,
don’t walk so fast
stay on the road
i don't blame people
saying "walking the blues"
'cause man, this is it.
now i think i'll relax,
that's the way to relax.
now watch this,
boy, is it hot today!
all you gotta do is put one foot
in front of the other and keep on walking,
walking the blues.
that's what i call glidin’ low
I hope my old lady is home,
when i get there. all this walking,
i don't mean my mother-in-law, i mean my wife,
my mother-in-law she's always there.
so we'll just keep on walking anyway.

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