21 junho 2015

uma das grandes canções de kozelek na fase sun kil moon. e gosto imenso deste clip, 
com uma animação de aleksandr petrov baseada em "o velho e o mar" de hemingway.

i sit here and wait
on the banks of the carquinez strait
watchin’ pelicans swish
for a beak of sunning king fish
and i meditate
up shore from the golden gate
watchin’ sea lions bask in the sunshine
and find that my eyes
can still be awed and surprised

all night i hear wails
of the union pacific rails
of alley cat scraps
of lost baby humpbacks
of incoming ships
in from their epic long trips
and of mother’s dying these sounds never leave
be there for them
spend every moment you can

and love your girl dearly
look deep into her soul
and say that i love you
before your body turns cold
i love my girl dearly
and her little dog boo
we’re a small pack
but hey we’re happy too
i sing her a song i write her a poem
i gave her my bed and the keys to my home

whenever we want
we’ll just pick up and go
out to the forests
to the mountains of el dorado
or take morning walks
along the rivers that shine
like old silver dollars
buffalo nickles and dimes
but one day she may leave if i lie or i cheat
but i hope that she don’t
‘cause i need her so

i tie on my bait
on pier on the carquinez strait
with others i cast
sharing some time and some laughs
i come home so proud
when my stringer is heavy and full
when the night crickets chirp
and they shut down the old arsenal
and my wonderful love
she’ll cook my favorite dishes
dungeness crab
and a plate of pan fried king fish
and we’ll fall asleep when our stomachs are full
and in the mornin’ i’ll wish
for a bigger catch of king fish

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