31 outubro 2012

auto-retrato com sereia 
(período azul)

Surely you cannot be leading me on? Well if that's so, however again will I love? How could I believe again? How can I hold on? Sentimental fool Knowing that fate is cruel,  You ought to forget it. Yes, I know it's true, I've seen what love can do, But I don't regret it. Oh, you silly thing - Don't you see what's happening? You're better without it. No, that's not the case - If you were in my place, You never would doubt it. Sentimental fool Who broke the golden rule, You couldn't resist it. Though it's all in vain, I'd do it all again Just to relive one minute. A woman in love Can make you feel good - You know what you're living for. She'll give you so much And keep you in touch With all that's worth living for. Oh once she gets in Through thick and through thin She'll show you what living's for. The rhythm of love It must go on Can't stop. The beat of your heart Is like a drum Will it stop?

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